Please consider donating your memorabilia to the “Tell Us Your Westside Story” project sponsored by The Bean Foundation, the Jefferson County Historical Society, and the Jefferson County Library. 

Appropriate memorabilia includes (but is not limited to) items such as yearbooks and school newspapers/newsletters; newspaper articles; sports uniforms, letter jackets and letters; trophies, awards, medals and badges; photographs; plaques; banners and pennants; signage and door plates; art projects; branded sports and cheering equipment (branded with school name/mascot); and report cards. 

Years of Interest: 1938 – 1965 Madras Union High School; 1965 – 1996 Madras Junior High School; 1996 – 2008 Westside Elementary School; and, 2008 – Present Westside School (Transitions, Kid’s Club., Bridges).

Donations are being accepted at the Jefferson County Library during open hours. Please read the donation policy and complete a release form. Questions should be directed to 541-350-3106 or