Westside Community Campus

The vision for the Westside Community Campus is based on two guiding principles.

Building Community:  Restoring and renovating the school buildings and surrounding property into a modern and attractive community destination for programming, entertainment, actvities and events, and a technology hub will literally build a “center” for the Jefferson County.

Fostering Connection: Creating a vibrant and welcoming place where people of every age, economic circumstance, ethnicity and identity can gather, explore, engage and share.

As a first step to realizing the vision of a community-centered campus, The Bean Foundation had identified an architect to create a conceptual design and feasibility plan to guide the conversation around restoration and renovations. However, proceeding with this was put on hold in Spring 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Bean Foundation hopes to resume conversations with community partners soon. In the meantime, it decided to proceed with the Tell Us Your Westside Story campaign to celebrate the history of the school and to jumpstart community interest and engagement in Westside School’s potential future.

Learn more about Tell Us Your Westside Stories.