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Westside School is an iconic landmark in downtown Madras, serving Jefferson County families and residents for more than 80 years.

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Westside School Campaign

Westside School has served as a community anchor for Jefferson County for decades. For many years it served as a high school, middle school, and an elementary school. Still owned by the Jefferson County School District, the facility  now hosts a variety of organizations. However, it is badly in need of restoration and renovation.

The Bean Foundation has an option to buy the Westside School and proposes to create a community-centered campus that will expand services beyond education to include a historical museum, arts and performance spaces, a commercial kitchen, maker space, and, a entrepreneural/small business/technology hub.

The Capital Campaign was expected to launch in 2020; however, like many things it has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for future updates. 

Tell Us Your Westside Story!

Since 1938, Westside School has seen thousands of students in its classrooms and playing on the grounds, teachers have stood in front of the chalk boards, and coaches have supervised practices and games. Administrators have spent their whole careers managing the educations of generations, and staff have quietly kept the buildings safe, comfortable and welcoming. Even more parents, family and community members, and visitors have attended conferences, games, plays and music events, and FFA and FHA activities.

In these interactions and activities are thousands of untold stories about people, places, events and activities that are meaningful to generations who consider Westside School part of their personal history.

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